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Australia's Leading

Female Keynote Presenter

Renowned for her transformative keynote presenter skills, Rosemary is impactful, funny and practical. Sharing with her audience her profound understanding of human behaviour and their motivators Rosemary will challenge old beliefs about what makes a viable culture and give you tangible skills to implement strategies for cohesive productive teams.

Pioneering Dramatic Strategies for a New Direction In Human Potential


"Rosemary is not afraid to tell you how it is. She’s a straight talker providing advice – wrapped in warmth and business nous at the same time. She is an excellent cheerleader to have on your side."

Nicola Archer

Nicola Archer Communications Pty Ltd

When did you last walk away from a keynote and feel challenged yet strangely exhilarated about making a paradigm shift concerning how you deal with people!

If you are ready to let go of outmoded ideas, have a willingness to think outside the box and a desire to be on the cutting edge of people building then you need to hear from Dr. Rosemary McCallum.

Her delivery will challenge you to let go of what you think you know about emotional intelligence and tap into the fundamental motivators of humans and discover the impact it has on being productively engaged.

Rosemary’s unique blend of sciences is the backbone of her work on foundational emotional intelligence. Always curious, her unwavering research has given her the tools to construct an impactful new way of working with people. Rosemary is known for her innovative ability to pioneer new ideas and then translate those ideas into workable practicalities.

She uses the latest in neuroscience, lateral thinking and behavioural analysis to generate a culture of high performers. Rosemary is an expert at activating the human element in corporate strategy.

Her presentations are impactful, thought-provoking and practically delivered with irreverent humour and interactive style that makes you want to discover more.

Rosemary Speaks On The Topics That Build People

With staff disengagement at an all-time high, corporations today must look at the reasons why it is happening as it is not always the “job” that it is causing the problem. Dr Rosemary McCallum will reveal the 3 step formula for implementing Foundational Emotional Intelligence that will successfully re-engage people and lift productivity.

For over 25 years, Dr Rosemary McCallum has studied the link between Metaphysics and Behavioural Sciences in understanding how to engage emotional intelligence through her unseen influence framework.

Rosemary’s unique and engaging presentation style will not only inspire and motivate your teams but will give you the right tools and strategies to successfully navigate an engaged workforce.

Keynote - Engaging Excellence

How to take the "DIS" out of the Disengaged

Dr Rosemary McCallum will share with you what she has found over countless years working with thousands of people suffering disengagement from all areas of life and the results she has obtained by giving them the foundational building blocks for emotional intelligence.

During Our Time Together You Will Discover

  • The journey form passionate drive to disengagement

  • Understanding situational disengagement has many layers

  • The turning point for re-engagement

  • The 7 keys for developing Foundational Emotional intelligence

  • How to implement Foundational Emotional intelligence

  • The 3 villains that seek to sabotage a person efforts

  • The benefits to the employer, the boss, the business and the

  • People the business serves

Who Should Attend

  • C-Suite

  • Middle Management

  • HR and employees from all fields of employment

Keynote - Protecting Your Greatest Asset

Protect Your Greatest Asset

The Soul of any business is their people and when we understand that humans are driven by a fundamental need to belong we can begin to understand that engagement is the responsibility of everybody including the person themselves.

Managers are crucial for a company’s success, and disengaged managers can cost a business much more than productivity and potential. It can totally undermine the future of the business. Gallup tells us in their last research 2019 that only 2 out of every 10 managers are actively engaged. A scary thought if that is happening in your business.

The face of the workplace has changed dramatically with Millennials now being 50% of the workforce and Gen Z starting to make its presences felt. How they see the workplace is worlds apart from the traditional belief around the working life. They want to have a sense of purpose, regular feedback, autonomy and coached not managed.

Dr Rosemary delivers a powerful, thought-provoking and just a little challenging speech to shake the traditional workforce out its complacency and realise that a significant paradigm shift has occurred concerning employee attitudes. This new way of working needs to be embraced from C-suite down. Rosemary delivers strategies for this shift that will result in heightened engagement, increased productivity and a sustained future for the business.

During Our Time Together You Will Discover

The road back to “Impactful Engagement”



Dissolving the walls between them and us

  • Focusing on C-Suite

  • Concerning culture, communication & collaboration


The 3 Essentials of Middle Management

Create an enabling environment

  • Focusing on C-Suite relating to Middle Management

  • Concerning respect, refining & redefining

Foundational Emotional Intelligence

  • The Key to meaning and purpose

  • Focusing on C-Suite and  Middle Management relating to employees

  • Concerning: Encourage, empower & equip

Who Should Attend

  • C-Suite

  • Middle Management

  • HR and SME's

Keynote - Exceptional

Foundational Emotional Intelligence

Rosemary’s inspirational keynote outlines her struggle with being conditioned at an early life into believing she was worthless and her determination to pull out of manic depression and take back her life. Her own hero’s quest required that she let go of conditioned beliefs and find the courage to take back her life. Her journey opened the way for her to discover the Foundational of Emotional Intelligence.

The word “Courage” is bantered around a lot in today’s world but rarely are we taught that it is a formula with specific steps that when applied correctly releases a transformative power.

As business owners, career builders and experiencers of life, we all work hard, are dedicated to the task but sometimes frustration sets in because, darn it, it feels like there is a niggling intangible something that is missing. Some secret ingredient that some people have and, yet it seems to elude others. Well believe me if you have experienced this you are not alone.

During Our Time Together You Will Discover

  • The truth about that missing ingredient.

  • The three villains that sperate you from being able to access the power of courage.

  • The fundamentals of Foundational Emotional Intelligence.

  • The three steps to implementing Foundational Emotional Intelligence

Who Should Attend

This key motivational speech exposes the underlying problem of mental health in the workplace.

We highly recommended that all facets of industry attend.

Businesses serious about supporting the mental health of their staff will experience the benefits exponentially

Find out how Rosemary's keynote presentations can be an integral part of your business success. 


Schedule an appointment and discuss with Rosemary how she can tailor her presentations to your requirements

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