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Rosemary is an expert at activating the human element in corporate strategy, using the latest in neuro-science, lateral thinking and behavioural analysis to generate a culture of high performers.

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Dr Rosemary McCallum

The Leader In Activating The

Exceptional In Your Business.

Dr Rosemary McCallum is, a corporate coach holding a breadth of qualifications and keen interest in the behavioural sciences.

With over 25 years experience, as one of Australia's leading female keynote speakers, workshop facilitators, and one on one mentors, Rosemary utilises the latest techniques in neuroscience and behavioural analysis to address workplace disengagement and stress.

Inspiring lasting positive change, engendering a loyal, productive and emotionally intelligent workforce, with measurable productivity gains and benefits to all stakeholders.


"Rosemary’s approach to speaking at our event was very professional and I appreciate the effort she took to understand our audience needs. Our delegates provided excellent feedback on Rosemary’s presentation, with comments such as, “Great presenter”; ‘Very engaging presentation’; ‘Gained practical and useful tips’. We were delighted with the feedback and subsequently invited Rosemary to present again at our SOPAC Highlights Conference.”

John Harmata

Professional Development Manager, IIA-Australia.


Achieve High Performing Teams

With Dr Rosemary McCallum

One on One Coaching

Rosemary works with forward thinking managers who are people centric and understand that through their own personal development they acquire the skills to give genuine support and encouragement to their team, helping them to maximise their potential and enhance their productivity. Through one on one mentoring, Rosemary instills lasting change.

Keynote Speaker

Renowned for her transformative keynote presenter skills, Rosemary is impactful, funny and practical. Sharing with her audience her profound understanding of human behaviour and their motivators Rosemary will challenge old beliefs about what makes a viable culture and give you tangible skills to implement strategies for cohesive productive teams.


Progressive companies understand that the personal development of their people, is equally as important as their skills development. Rosemary is a consummate facilitator delivering impactful workshops designed to give people a deeper understanding of themselves and their unique abilities, resulting in enhanced confidence and heightened engagement.


Learn the Techniques to Maximise Your Teams Potential and Meet Performance Goals Every Time.

Drive Your Company with Foundational Emotional Intelligence.

Rosemary's powerful, dynamic and pioneering approach incites a paradigm shift, banishing “Burnout” to create a dynamic and rewarding company environment, with enthusiastic and loyal employees, an uplifted culture, sharing a team spirit that embodies the noble cause of the company.

Renowned as a transformative keynote speaker, workshop facilitator and mentor, Rosemary is an indispensable resource to all visionary companies, providing an unparalleled depth of experience and knowledge. Rosemary is a pioneer, teaching credible strategies of foundational emotional intelligence which focuses on people bringing meaning and purpose to what they do. The result is a company ethos of growing their people, resulting in increased engagement and sustained growth.

Discuss how Rosemary can enhance your business or career. 

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